Commodore 65 = $5,000

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Nov 12 17:35:25 CST 2007

> The only thing stopping me from fighting over the big boys for my
> collectables is that nothing I collect would interest the big deep pocket
> collectors in the first place. Everything I like was made in the thousands

THere are one or two things I'd like to get -- to take apart and 
investigate -- that are somewhat rare, or which have a 'collector 
interest' and thus go for high prices.

OK, I'm not going to find those, but there are plenty of other machines I 
_can_ afford and which are also interestign.

> If Bill Gates wanted the most complete collection of vintage computers in
> existence all he has to do is hand Sellam a credit card, and one of his

THis assumes Sellam would sell. I know for a fact that I have some 
machines that I wouldn't sell no matter how much you offered me. As I 
said before 'yuo can't hack banknotes'


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