Tarbell is making

jim s jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Wed Nov 14 02:37:59 CST 2007

I don't recall ever running a Tarbell single or double density 
controller in a system with a 4mhz cpu.

Exception to that was running it in a Tarbell CPU equipped system

I always had an Imsai backplane for what that is worth.

I also had a Northstar system which I merged the BIOS with the Tarbell 
controller, so I could dub 8" to 5 1/4" HS floppies, and never had much 
problem with that.

All of my Tarbell hardware was tuned up by Dick Culberson or Don for 
what that is worth.

Both have passed away, and are not around to help with this discussion.


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