MIT provides MULTICS source and documentation (DPS-8 simulation)

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Thu Nov 15 00:35:02 CST 2007

> Which reminds me of a comment I saw somewhere about the possibility
> of having a SCSI bus with more than one host adapter on it.  Is that
> even possible?


However, a lot of host adapters do not support target mode, and some
don't even support using an ID other than 7.  The former is somewhere
between ignorable and fatally crippling, depending on what you want to
do; the latter is fatal.  (Well, almost; I have toyed with the idea of
wiring up the data lines in a different order, and permuting the bits
in software to make up for it, so that each bit of SCSI hardware thinks
it is ID 7.  But I've never tried doing it; it's possible there's some
reason it couldn't work....)

After all, the only special thing about a host adapter is that it
usually is an initiator rather than a target (in most systems, it is
the only device that is ever an initiator, and is never a target).

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