Variations on Commodore monitors

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Nov 15 11:47:46 CST 2007

Mark Meiss wrote:
> It arrived last night, and it's a great little monitor, in even better
> shape than the one I already had.  To my surprise, though, it's also
> completely different.  The case is different, the form factor and
> positioning of the controls are different -- and, most relevantly,
> even the connectors are different.  My older one (made in 1989) has a
> DB-9 input for RGBI input.  The new arrival (made in 1988, if I recall
> correctly) has an 8-pin DIN input for RGBI input.

In the UK, I think the Amiga monitors were usually rebranded Philips displays 
- the same as could be had for numerous other systems of the time. Acorn also 
used the same Philips units - branded for their own purposes - and they 
certainly existed in both 8-pin DIN and DE-9 configuration.

Furthermore, I've seen them both with and without speakers, with and without 
separate audio inputs at the back, with and without direct RGB via SCART 
sockets (not relevant outside Europe :-) and with and without the ability to 
accept CVBS video.

It may well be that Philips worked with someone else on the underlying 
displays for markets outside Europe - I didn't think Philips had much of a 
presence in such as the US? Or it might be that different markets got 
different displays - i.e. the UK idea of '1084' is totally different to a US 
one with the same model number (now that would be confusing :-)

> appearance of the C2N and 1541, but is there a quick and easy question
> I can ask a seller to find out exactly what ports to expect on the
> back of a 1084 (or similar monitor)?

Assuming my above text is relevant, just get them to describe what ports it 
has. I've never seen one where the ports aren't wired up if they're present - 
the only case that would be hard to tell is whether speakers are physically 
present when there's no separate audio in (i.e. audio input could still be via 
the DIN plug or SCART)



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