VAX 11/750 Config and Diagnostics, anyone?

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Nov 15 14:55:57 CST 2007

> > M7485 (DZ11) in Unibus slot 21
> Are you sure this is a DZ11? A DZ11 RS232 is an M7819. An M7845 is half the
> board set for a UDA50. It also has a 40p ribbon connector (like a DZ11) but
> that is just used for board-board communication in the set.

I haev no idesas what the connectors on a UDA50 are, but I am sure the 
header on a DZ11 is a 50 pin thing. _Many_ years ago I wired my own 
'breakout cable' for one, to get 3 or 4 of the ports usable before I got 
the right Cabkit.

IIRC, on the DZ11 the connector is parallel to one of the short edges of 
the PCB, If you put a DZ11 in a BA11-F, the cable comes out naturally 
upwards. I thought all the connectors on the UDA50 were near the module 
handles, the cables came out of the handle side of the PCB.


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