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Sun Nov 18 12:27:08 CST 2007

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> On 18 Nov 2007 at 0:08, Jim Leonard wrote:
> > A trinitron TTL monitor!!  I had no idea such
> beasts existed!  You've 
> > just named my next Holy Grail to find.
> They weren't that hard to find.  My first EGA
> monitor was a Sony CPD-
> 1302 multiscan (I may even have the service docs for
> it somewhere). 
> It would actually do both TTL and analogue
> (selectable by a switch in 
> the rear). 

 That doesn't count! Once NEC released the Multisync,
everyone started copying it. 
 IIRC the Sony was the first to do 800 x 600 SEGA/VGA.
The Multisync II only went to 800 x 560 technically.
It probably could do 600 lines, funny I can't
remember, but it was a strain in all likelihood. weeeeeeeeeeee

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