TTL input Trinitron monitor

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Nov 18 16:34:12 CST 2007

I've found the Torch XXX hardware docs, which cover that little Trinitron 
monitor I mentioend

It's quite small, probably a 12" CRT. Inside are the following PCBs : 

FA (PSU), with a control daughterboard. This gives 120V DC from the mains 
(SMPSU), all other voltages come from the flyback transformer

DA (Scan) with a convergence daughterboard.

CRT base (icnludes video output stages)

BA (Video)

H (rear panel controls)

Input socket (not Sony, this is a Torch PCB)

The input socket PCB connects to the video PCB by a 10 wire jumper. 4 of 
the wires are grounds, the 6 siganls are R, G, B, Y(== I on a CGA 
interface), HSynch and Vsync. The Torch socket PCB doesn't connect to the 
Y signal at all, but then Torch machines had analgue RGB outputs and the 
BBC micro had 3-bit TTL video, so this would be no problem for the 
intented applications.

Tehre's a 3 position slide swtich on the back to select the input mode. 
The possiblities are analogue RGB, 3-bit TTL RGB (8 colours) and 4-bit 
TTL RBGI (CGA compatile, it does get the brown colour right). It's 
strictly TV-rates only (not EGA or VGA), but it does work with both US 
and European rates.


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