Vintage computer bounty: go east, young man?

John Foust jfoust at
Sun Nov 18 17:47:21 CST 2007

At 04:52 PM 11/18/2007, Richard wrote:
>I was under the impression that most of it was shredded before being
>shipped there, since you were able to ship it more efficiently that

In the pictures for that sort of newspaper article, you'll often
seen someone burning a circuit board or chipping away at a monitor.
I don't think it's all shredded before shipment.  

Overall, I think you'd do far better without a passport by setting up
relationships with the computer recycling "asset management" type 
places.  Even here in the middle of nowhere, the county government
organizes a semi-annual pickup of electronics for recycling.  

There are big, big companies that do nothing but process old
computers.  They certainly harvest the "good" stuff, for varying
definitions of "good".  I'm not convinced they known how to pick
out the true classic stuff, but then again, does it really have
greater value than a contemporary laptop?

- John

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