Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Mon Nov 19 17:09:25 CST 2007

On 19 Nov 2007 at 15:47, woodelf wrote:

> > Did anybody ever use their OS?  (bundled with some of their 5.25" floppy
> > drives)
> Never heard of that. I just can't remember what drives I seen used around 1990
> but I do know the hacked into to DOS to give you very large drives for the time.
> I think 8K sectors rather than 512 sectors under standard DOS.

I remember seeing it, but not having the time or inclination to check 
it out.

Lots of vendors were increasing the block size in MS-DOS to support 
large partitions around the same time.  The problem was that it broke 
a lot of things (many utilities expected 512 byte sectors and got 
very upset (i.e. crashed) if things were otherwise) and was hideously 
inefficient for small files.  An approach that some used was to 
employ the DOS network redirector and implement a private filesystem 
on the large drive and map it as a network drive, which seems to work 
a bit better.


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