"intelligent" disk drives

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Tue Nov 20 03:28:03 CST 2007

On Nov 20, 2007 1:59 AM, Ensor <classiccmp at memory-alpha.org.uk> wrote:
> Point in case, I have a "200GB" Maxtor drive in this machine, which is
> *actually* a 186GB drive. Both sizes are quite correct depending on your
> definition of "Kilo", "Mega" etc.
> Since computers operate in binary, it makes *VASTLY* more sense for "Kilo"
> to be defined as 1024 than 1000 (2^10) etc.
> Most operating systems I've used tend to agree....

Indeed, and Seagate got sued for exactly this not too long ago:


Hopefully this "1MB = 1000000 bytes" rubbish the drive manufacturers
keep peddling will be over soon. I can't imagine even the marketers
like class-action lawsuits that much.


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