Documentation for the AT&T Sceptre Videotex terminal

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> stop.  It can't handle baud rates much over 1200 baud: at 9600, for  
> example, it loses characters.

In the 1979/1980 time frame we were overjoyed at the introduction of
1200 leased line modems connecting our terminals to the PDP-11/70
across town.  I was the one who discovered that they would operate
perfectly at 1800 baud -- a 50% increase!  The lines were only rated
for 1200.

> NAPLS is a pain-in-the-ass protocol to deal with, BTW.

These days you'd just do it in ROM code in a microprocessor and while
the details of the protocol may be tedious, I'm sure even something
like a lowly PIC microcontroller could keep up with it at 1200 baud.
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