Teaching kids about computers...

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Wed Nov 21 10:04:17 CST 2007

Perhaps not right now, but the biggest "leap forward" I had from books 
was looking at the 8080/Z80 microcomputer design and operation books 
(such as Ciarcia's "How to Build Your Own Z-80 Computer" and 
"Microcomputers and Microprocessors" (8080, 8085 and Z-80) from the 
hardware standpoint. Probably not a good book until Junior High or High 
School, though.

When I was learning S/W, I remember starting with Logo in 4th grade and 
using Brainpower ChipWits at home. the ChipWits manual had a small 
section on programming theory, perhaps I can find it. That's a good 
game if you have an older Macintosh around (I had issues on machines 
with over 1MB of RAM - it was written for the 128K, 512K and XL per the 
disk. Some other people don't seem to have the issues, perhaps there 
was a revision). In middle school we moved on to BASIC (because it was 
in the ROMs of Apples). Perhaps not the ideal progression, but nowadays 
students in the elementary schools don't seem to be learning 
programming at all- it's more "how you use application software on the 

In the early '90s Macworld had a 3-part article on how computers work 
that wasn't too in depth. If you want I can find it and scan it., but 
it's probably not too much more in depth than David Macaulay's "The Way 
Things Work" in the new edition. (actually it is)

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