Documentation for the AT&T Sceptre Videotex terminal

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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 07:15:37 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: Documentation for the AT&T Sceptre Videotex terminal

> But see, it HAS to be bad if Microsoft does it. One little key, and
> the keyboard universe falls apart.

I believe the objection was its placement, not the presence of a
Windows-specific key. I've certainly had trouble adjusting to a Windows
keyboard after being used to not having anything between Ctrl and Alt.

Even Macs don't disturb that. Command is to the side of that group,
not splitting it up.

Well, yes, obviously the location is the issue, but it is still just another
tedious MS-bash; I've got an APL keyboard here, and I think every
"classic" terminal or computer keyboard I have here is different in
some "improved" way but I don't hear complaints about that, or all the 
different PC layouts, especially the enter, backspace and \ keys.

I find the WIN keys quite handy, and since they're control-type keys 
the location actually makes sense to me; just part of the DOS>WIN

Don't you also have trouble switching from a C64 to a Mac?


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