*updating* 8088's

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 21 18:02:24 CST 2007

>  Presumably the boards these things come with have
> their own crystals. I would not expect a '486 upgrade
> for a '286 to run at 8mhz or anything comparable (but
> Tony could tell us).

The answer to that is the same as Rutherford's comment on the only 
possile result of research in the social sciences, namely 'Some do and 
some don't' :-)

I have some upgrade oards that turn an 8088 into an 8086 or 80286-based 
machine. Those are ISA cards with a liead that plugs into the 8088 
socket, and said boards certainly contain their own clock oscillators. On 
the other hand, the oard in this machine -- the 486SLC oard that goes 
in the 80286 socket, does not contain a clock crystal, it takes the clock 
signal from the 80286 socket. 


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