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Thu Nov 22 16:47:56 CST 2007


Are you getting confused with (Sir?) Clive Sinclair (Spectrum's, C5 etc.) and Sir Alan (Michael) Sugar (founder of Amstrad)? They are not the same person!

Yeah, I still have a whole bunch of cassette tapes, but I don't know whether I still have my (rubbish) Spectrum games I made. The title of the others escape me, but the last one I worked on (in 1992/3) was UNTTR (United Nations To The Rescue). It was supposed to be a combination space invaders and Star Raiders 2 (classic Spectrum game that gave me and my family hours of play, despite being very small - 5 mins to load), but turned out rubbish. When the in-built tape recorder chewed the tape it was on (which we recovered) I decided to ditch programming and concentrate on playing games.

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk

Chris M <chrism3667 at yahoo.com> wrote: Frankly though, I don't see how an English home could
be called one w/o Clive Sugar's 628?. And Yo, cassette
tapes are still easier to find then floppy disks! 

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