Booting XXDP+ from a secondary controller

Bob Armstrong bob at
Fri Nov 23 19:44:06 CST 2007

> Glen Slick (glen.slick at wrote:
>What are you using for the primary and secondary MSCP controllers and
>what disk units do you have configured on each controller?

  What I'm trying to do is very much like you configuration - my real 11/53
has a KDA50 with 2xRF70 drives and the secondary MSCP controller is a SQ703.

  You can demonstrate my problem with simh, though - build a bootable XXDP+
v2.5 on a RD52 image, and then do this...

	sim> show cpu
	CPU, 11/53, NOCIS, idle disabled, autoconfiguration on, 3072KB
	sim> show rq
	RQ, address=17772150-17772153*, no vector, 2 units
	  RQ0, 159MB, attached to one.rd54, write enabled, RD54
	  RQ1, 159MB, attached to two.rd54, write enabled, RD54
	sim> show rqb
	RQB, address=17760334-17760337*, no vector, 30MB, attached to
xxdp25.rd52, write enabled, RD52
	sim> b rqb0

	HALT instruction, PC: 016146 (CLR (R1))

If you attach xxdp25.rd52 to rq0, it'll boot fine -

	sim> att rq0 xxdp25.rd52
	sim> b rq0
	... etc, etc ....
I suspect you have to patch something in the XXDP+ image with UPDAT to get
it to talk to the secondary CSR, but I don't know the details.


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