PCKeybaord keytops

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Mon Nov 26 10:29:03 CST 2007

Last week, someone pointed me to Ergonomics Resources a source for 
decent PC keyboards, such as their version of the old Northgate unit. 

I voiced a concern about a pet peeve of mine--that the keytops would 
be the everyday surface-marked ones, rather than the old double-shot 
ones (which have legends that are almost impossible to wear away).

Here's the response I received:

"Thanks you for visiting our web site. The Stellar is in most ways 
like the Northgate keyboard you used many years ago. But they too 
have gone the way of Laser engraved key tops."

"We do still have some (new in the box) Northgate Evolution Keyboards 
(split keyboards) that have the double injected keycaps if you're 
interested. "


I guess I'll stick with my Model M.


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