*updating* 8088's

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Mon Nov 26 12:15:02 CST 2007

Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> On Friday 23 November 2007 19:05, dwight elvey wrote:
>>> From: rtellason at verizon.net
>>> I notice that even those guys that are building relay computers "cheat"
>>> and use a single small solid-state chip for RAM. :-)
>> Hi
>>  I've been thinking about how one could make a reasonable
>> memory, using small reed relays. If one puts a magnet close
>> to one end, it will cause the reed to close. Move it back
>> some and it will hold until the field is too weak.
> Dunno if they still sell them or not,  but Radio Shack used to sell a pack of 
> 20 reed switches for only a couple of bucks...

Hmm...  Wonder if it's possible to build a relay without a spring on the 
switch.  That is, you have to send current with one polarity to set the 
switch to a 1 and reverse polarity to set a zero - sort of what core 
memory does with rings...  I suppose this could instead be done by 
attaching a magnet to the switch, or using magnet as the thing inside 
the switch body, or better yet maybe a relay with a ball with a set of 
contacts as the switch and two magnets, one on each opposite side... 
you'd energize one coil for a "1" and the other for a "0" 

Hmm, could even be done with a solenoid and use the mechanical part of 
it to touch a wire for output. :-)  Wouldn't really be a relay, but 
pretty close.

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