2708 EPROM progreammer - old magazines designs

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Mon Nov 26 13:10:19 CST 2007

On Friday 23 November 2007 12:50, John Robertson wrote:
> M H Stein wrote:
> > I have a programmer designed by Steve Ciarcia from BYTE - It uses an
> > 8051AH-Basic (The 8051 with basic embedded) as the controller - and
> > still works a treat - to this day. - Standalone board, interface via
> > serial.  It was fun to see peoples faces when you shipped a ^C down the
> > serial line, and dropped through to a READY prompt.

I have one of those too.  And then you could type LIST and get a listing of 
what was in there.  But I never did make much sense out of what I saw then...

Since those days,  I've collected a bit of info on that chip off the 'net,  
though I haven't digested it yet.

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