Teaching kids about computers...

Ensor classiccmp at memory-alpha.org.uk
Mon Nov 26 22:06:28 CST 2007


  >>....the Beeb is a fairly formidable system to understand....

  > Is it? Why? Are you talking abotu understanding how to program it, or
  >understanding the hardware?

The hardware.

It's a very clever design, but looking at it from the point of view of 
someone who's just learning about computer electronics, I think it would 
look pretty daunting. The 64 is a much simpler system.

I think the Beeb would make an ideal SECOND system once they've got "the 

  >....has 64K*4 RAM, which is fiddled by the ULA to look like 32K*8
  >to the processor. I am not joking.

I'd forgotten about that....did anyone ever figure out how much of a 
performance hit the machine took because of that?

  TTFN - Pete.

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