Using a DB13W3 monitor on a PC

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Subject: Using a DB13W3 monitor on a PC

> (Since no-one seemed to notice this as a comment to an older thread...)
> I recently got given a decent 21" colour monitor with a DB13W3
> connector on it. Never used one of these before.
> In the same pile of stuff was a Mac video connector to DB13 cable.
> I've tried this on an old Beige G3, and also via an SVGA-Mac convertor
> on a PC. It gives a good sharp picture, but on both systems, red and
> green were reversed.
> Does this mean my cable's incorrectly wired up or doesn't belong to
> this monitor, or is that something to do with using a DB13 monitor on
> a modern PC?
> -- 

I think it depends on the monitor you have and the video card/system you are

A Google search (newsgroup posts not the web) turned this up:

The poster commented on how a specific SUN monitor (Sun GDM 1662B ) had the
red and green switched to conform to Mac specs.

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