Amiga 1000

Joachim Thiemann joachim.thiemann at
Tue Nov 27 11:30:32 CST 2007

On Nov 26, 2007 6:21 PM, Ethan Dicks <ethan.dicks at> wrote:
> > Unfortunately, the Sidecar has not survived the long years.  It still
> > sort of works but does not boot up properly anymore, the floppy drive
> > shows a solid LED.  I still have the full length MFM controller card
> > and the HD.
> That should be diagnosable.  You might be able to stick a video card
> in the Sidecar rather than depend on the Janus libs for mapped video,
> and see what it's trying to do.

Yes, I'm thinking of trying that.  I think I still have an old 8-bit
ISA mono card and appropriate monitor kicking around somewhere (though
my 1084(?) with the C128-80col cable could work). Janus puts up a PC
screen with distorted characters that look like a BIOS boot screen
(all characters squeezed down to 2 lines or so)

> No Gary in an A1000... Gary appeared first in the A500 and A2000.

My mistake, I blame early-onset Alzheimer's.  Or too much alcohol
during engineering undergrad.

> Sorry... not anywhere close to Montreal, even when I'm home, and I've never
> owned a Sidecar.  As for a mouse, try opening up an A500/A2000 mouse or two
> to see if you could transplant the cable.  The actual mouse innards are
> simple - it transmits raw quadrature plus the 2 buttons over the DE9 - all
> the work is done in the Amiga, unlike a "modern" PC mouse (but very much
> like an old Microsoft "bus mouse").

I don't have a 500/2000 mouse unfortunately, tough I could probably
look on ePay for one.  I have a third-party mouse - I think I bought
it as a replacement for the pregnant mouse that came with my 3000.
(Still have that one too, working - both the mouse and the 3000)  The
third-party mouse looks like a generic mouse for that time (mid 90's)
but has 3 buttons - handy for when I was using NetBSD (0.9 or so) on
my 3000.   Hmmmmm - X11 on 640x480 (or was that 400?) with 5megs of
ram (4 fast, 1 chip)...


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