Teaching kids about computers...

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Wed Nov 28 14:13:34 CST 2007

It was thus said that the Great Jules Richardson once stated:
> I'd still like to find a 'simple' machine for him to play on - something on 
> a par with a 48KB Spectrum; i.e. just ROM/RAM/CPU, keyboard, cassette 
> storage, and TV output. Extra credit for having a 'common' CPU such as the 
> Z80 or 6502 :-) (didn't the 48KB Spectrum sell in the US via Timex? Did it 
> have a 'proper' keyboard? Having something with a 'real' keyboard would be 
> nice...).  Maybe an Apple ][ is a good candidate and still readily 
> obtainable in the US?

  A Color Computer or Color Computer 2 seems to fit the bill.  The CPU is
the nicest of the 8bits (IMHO) and the video screen is more logical than
anything you'll find on the C64, Atari or Apple.  

  You can even do multichannel sound, but that tends to suck up the CPU 8-)

  -spc (Learned to program on my first computer, a Coco)

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