How easy is it to damage an IBM CGA display?

Michael B. Brutman mbbrutman-cctalk at
Wed Nov 28 18:38:03 CST 2007

Tony Duell wrote:
> No. Doing the revers (5151 MDA monitor into CGA card) lets the smoke out 
> of the monitor, but the CGA monitor shouldn't be easily damagrd.
> -tony

Ok, I'm feeling a little better.  I'm not touching any more hardware today.

Tomorrow I will install a CGA card into the machine (5160) and try 
again.  The industrial CGA is quite the looker ..   it has a Plexiglass 
shield covering the front, it is rather boxy in shape, and it has air 
filters covering the intake vents on the bottom.  The monitor also has a 
fan ..  I was quite surprised when I powered it up and heard the fan noise.


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