OT : CRT replacement

Christian Corti cc at corti-net.de
Thu Nov 29 03:51:13 CST 2007

On Wed, 28 Nov 2007, Tony Duell wrote:
>>> CRT is marked with the following numbers :
>>> P/N95-P09122T001
>>> P/N96/80396A98
>>> AEG396512
>>> D/14/390GH it could also be D/14/390GHB
>>> (None of these pop up on google).
>>> The size of the CRT is as follows;
>>> L: 360mm
>>> W: 100mm
>>> H: 125mm
>> A length of 360 yells "oscilloscope" to me... no?
> Assumeing 'lenght' is the distance from screen to pin base, then yes.
> That CRT has a small deflection angle, which would suggest an
> eleectrostatic type.

Of course it's an oscilloscope CRT, hence the number D14-390G, or written
in the old nomenclature DG14-390, an electrostatically deflected CRT 
('D'), with green phospor ('G') and 14cm diameter ('14'), model 390.


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