Old laptop hard drive "goo"

Doug Peksa peksado at Cardiff.ac.uk
Fri Nov 30 05:29:02 CST 2007

--- Michael Lee <mikelee at tdh.com> wrote:

> I just received an old-ish (1990) Toshiba T1000LE
> laptop and it wouldn't 
> boot, so I took a look at the hard drive and there
> seems to be some type 
> of goo oozing out of it.  It's a Conner hard drive,
> nothing too abnormal.
> I didn't think a hard drive contained anything that
> could ooze out.  Any 
> idea what it could be and does that mean the drive
> is pretty much 
> toast?  Let the magic goo out?

I also have this problem with a Mac Portable also from about 1990.
Can't offhand remember the drive model but it's the gasket.
I mop it up from time to time. It's still working.


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