Core duo SC/MP?

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Oct 1 17:24:21 CDT 2007

> Hi there folks.  I just got a sweet NS LCDS (low cost dev system) with 
> a SC/MP II processor card and nice set of docs on the chip itself, the 
> lcds,appnotes,and assembly programming    It looks pretty easy to add 
> more than one scamp to the same bus and I was wondering if there are 

I rememebr an article in 'Computing Today' magazine _many_ years ago, I 
would guess around 1980. It was to add a second SC/MP to the Science of 
Cambridge MK14, so that you could, for example, run the monitor program 
on one chip and a user program on the other.

>From what I remember, you ended up soldering the 2 SC/MP on top of each 
other with a couple of pins bent out and not directly conencted. There 
was a bit of scrossed-over wiring to get the arbitration chain right, and 
a swich to disable the second processor wired to on of the pins. That was 
about it. No otehr chips were involved.


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