Anyone collect Dec/Compaq Alphaservers or VAXen?

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Mon Oct 1 09:47:18 CDT 2007

>Subject: RE: Anyone collect Dec/Compaq Alphaservers or VAXen?
>   From: "Rod Smallwood" <RodSmallwood at>
>   Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 08:00:44 +0100
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>My list
>	pdp11/94 x 4	R
>	DEC Rainbow 100+  *
>      VAX 300		*
>	VAX 400		*
>	VAX 500		R
>	VAXStation 3100	*
>	DEC 3000 		* 
>	Multia		*
>* = Working
>R = Renovation (Mostly missing parts)	
>Rod Smallwood

A more detailed list of DEC systems here.  :)

Collection of operational hardware:

PDP-8 based machines:
  PDP-8f, 20k core and 2 serial 8650 and 8652
2 Decmate-IIIs OS/278
  Intersil sampler (6100 chipset) extended to 3k ram
  6120 based board, homebrew 32kram 8k rom

PDP-11 based machines:
1 LSI-11/03 rx02
2 PDP11/23 BA11S boxes, 
   1MB, RQDX2 and RD52
   1MB, RQDX2 and RD31, RX50
1 pdp11/73 50" RACK SYSTEM (4MB, DLVJ11, DEQNA, RQDX3>> RX02, RD52, RX33, RL02).
1 BA11va with 11/23 +tu58  RT-11
1 BA11va with 11/23 +Viking RX02 equivilent RT-11
  PDT11/130 11/03 with tu58 dectapeII
  OSs in use: RT-11, XXDP-11 and unix V6

VAX based machines:
  Microvax-II (ba23 based) 12mb, RQDX3, RD53, RX33
    This one lived as HIPSS:: during my days at DEC.
  Microvax-II/GPX (Ba123 based, TK50 and SCSI disks)
    This one was know as VIDSYS:: inside DEC.
3 Microvax2000 all with 2 RD53, 1 RD54 drive, one with ultrix
1 Microvax2000 as hard disk formatter and MOP bootable system.
2 Microvax3100/m76/gpx 32mb 2 each 1gb scsi internal
3 Microvax3100/server (not M10e) (filled with 400mb and 1gb disks)
4 BA42  SCSI disk farm for the 3100s populated with RZ56s
  OSs in use VMSv5.4-4,V5.54, V7.2, Ultrix 4.2

Terminal for the uVAX systems is usually VT1200 via thinnet
and the PDP-11s the usual terminal is either VT340, VT320
or VT180 in terminal mode.

DEC CP/M speaking machines:
1 Vt180 complete (dual RX180s)
2 Vt180 CP/M board built up as standalone one modded for 6mhz
1 Vt185 Thats a Vt125 + Vt180.

In the non operational list:

11/23B uPDP-11 in a BA23 pedestal that while complete with 11/23B, 
M8057 memory, DHV11, RQDX2 and RD52, RX50 it requries cleaning and

H11 Backplane complete with LSI-11 CPU, 16k of ram, two serial 
cards and a parallel card of heath origin.  Some day I'll find 
the case/power supply for it.  All parts are tested as working.

Small 11/23 system using a H9281-BC (12x2 slots) filled with:
    M8186 1/23 (Overclocked CPU mod)
  4 M8059 MSV11 ram
    RQDX3 with M9058 distribution board. (for RX33 and RD31)
    MRV-11 Eprom card with MSCP boot.
    VK170 with matching LK02 keyboard and a monitor. The VK170 
      is a minimal VT52 on a dual width card for packaged systems
      that communicates via RS232 to system and the bus use is 
      power only.
This is waiting on being packed in a reasonable nonDEC box with 
a DEC PS and fans.  The boards are known working and the backplane
is already jumpered as Q22. 

Generally in my house operational means I can actually turn it 
on and play and it has a permanent spot that is easily accessable.

One project that is in process is a H9800 desk/rack that will 
replace the existing standard steel office desk. the system 
to be installed there will be 11/23B in BA11s with a hand made
Disk box for RX33 and RD52s.

I have two boxes (Xerox Paper sized) of tested boards enough to 
build another few 11/23s and a few uVAXII as my spares.  Failed 
boards get repaird when I feel like it so I have good boards 

Who was it that has the SIG of
 "DEC had then what you wish you could buy now." ?


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