IMSAI II - still viable OR has anyone else lost their deposit?

Robert Stek robert.stek at
Tue Oct 2 10:56:51 CDT 2007

I don't think he had any bad intentions in the beginning (some 6 years ago),
as I said in a related comp.os.cpm post, "Never assume malice when
incompetence will suffice."  But his actions over the last two years suggest
a lot about his integrity now.  I have now heard from four individuals (in
24 hours), two of whom paid in full in advance, with the same basic story:
after politely asking for updates, we are ignored despite repeated attempts
at communication - no updates, no explanation, no 'good faith' offer of
partial shipment (Howard Harte's super I/O board was produced, though
apparently by Howard directly), no 'good faith' offer of anything, and
certainly no offer of refund.


I am sure that the project has been a personal nightmare for him.  It is a
shame to see someone who contributed so much to the development of the
microcomputer industry in its early days end up trying to sweep his recent
mistakes (and our money) under the rug while still pretending to offer an
IMSAI II (and other items) for sale on his website - it's not only unethical
but very probably fraudulent as well.


I've screwed up in my life (just ask my ex-wife!).  But IMHO it's far better
to admit defeat and offer whatever atonement you can, than to continue in
the self-delusion that the IMSAI II will ever be built and that a bunch of
'cry-babies' (my projection, not his words) who want their money back are
stopping forward progress by reducing working capital.


rant := off


So, any there any others out there who are willing to admit that they lost
their front money?  Or anyone who actually received any of his other
hardware offerings?  Or who received a refund?



Bob Stek

Saver of Lost Sols




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>I've talked to him several times.  Before the Altair kit and 

>after.  Very nice guy.  I don't think he has any bad intentions at 

>all.  I will buy one the second they become available.  I have no 

>idea what the situation with them is, but I'd have a hard time 

>thinking he was trying to defraud people or lie (of course, I have 

>all my money).  He has told me of the money, engineering, and time he 

>has spent.


>Possibly he just isn't a "business" man.  That's not a bad thing at 

>all, we all have our strengths!  Engineers aren't good with making 

>their own due dates...  ; )  The Kenbak kit was supposed to be done 

>by March.  I just shipped the first 8 kits a week ago today.  ; )


>When I started selling kits I decided in the beginning not to collect 

>money until stuff was ready to ship.  I wasn't worried too much about 

>getting lazy, but it made me look forward to shipping and work 

>towards that goal.




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