lead-free solder

Stan Barr stanb at dial.pipex.com
Fri Oct 5 12:54:40 CDT 2007


Ian Primus said:
> Lead free solder doesn't flow, doesn't stick properly,
> and barely even melts completely. Cold joints are
> assured in most circumstances. I accidentally bought a
> roll of it once. I kept tring to use it at different
> times figuring "Well, maybe with this iron" or "maybe
> since I'm just soldering two wires together". Not only
> that, but it smells bad when it melts. So far, I have
> found that I can use it only as a paperweight. It does
> that pretty good.
> Lead free solder == total garbage. Neat idea, but it
> doesn't work.

I've been using it for repairs to lead-free equipment for
a year or more now with no problems.  You *do* need an iron
with a tip temp of around 370 deg C and capable on maintaining 
that temperature while you're making the joint.
In my experience the solder with a small amount, 4% or so, of
silver flows signifcantly better then the plain tin/copper stuff.

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