Setting up a VAXstation

Tim Shoppa shoppa_classiccmp at
Sat Oct 6 07:48:41 CDT 2007

"Ethan Dicks" <ethan.dicks at> wrote:
> Certainly for now, and for the past few years, Sun S-bus-era hardware
> is plentiful and cost more to ship than to buy (thus the importance of
> local acquisition).  10 years from now, though, it might not be as
> easy to find on the ground - like mid-1970s micros are already.
> Suns, being a rather hardware-closed, high-speed (for their time),
> highly-integrated platform, were never routinely hacked-on or repaired
> by the folks running them (NVRAM replacements aside).

Maybe not the later S-bus Suns themselves, but I worked in many many labs
where either VME-bus Suns or S-bus-to-VME-bus adapters were used
and all sorts of interesting things hooked on to them.

>  OTOH, lots of
> Apples, S-100 boxes, PETs, TRS-80s, etc., were.

Peripheral-wise, the biggest things I ever heard most of those
boxes being hooked to was a SMD disk. Kinda puny compared to what
was hung off the Suns :-). And of course that's puny compared to
Will's DASD chains!


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