Setting up a VAXstation

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Oct 6 17:13:55 CDT 2007

> > > I'd *still* like to someday get my hands on one of the fancier breako=
> ut
> > > boxes I used to see in catalogs...    :-)
> >
> > How fancy is fancy?
> Not too terribly,  considering I can't in any way justify spending much i=
> f any=20
> money on such a thing.  The ability to interrupt any of the pins,  maybe =
> do=20
> cross-connecting,  and LED indicators would be nice.

Err, isn't that what all breakout boxes so, even the simple ones. Every 
one I own (and I think I have 5 so far, maybe more) has switches to 
open-circuit each of the lines, sockets/ pins and jumper leads to 
cross-connect. Some of them monitor all 25 (or maybe 24, often Protective 
Ground is omitted) of the lines on LEDs, others monitor only the 
cmmonly-used lines, but have some 'spare' indiocators you can patch to 
any line. 

> > I've got one here that does Bit-Error-Rate test, and anohter that will =
> do
> > RS232-current loop conversions, RS232 to parallel conversions, test RS2=
> 32,
> > current loop, or parallel devices, and even program EPROMs. Oh, it's go=
> t a
> > little strip-printer built in too.=20
> Well,  I don't see me affording anything like that any time soon,  though=
>  if I=20
> were to somehow or other acquire one,  I surely would NOT be=20
> disappointed.  :-)

I got mine ata radio rally for \pounds 15.00 ro something like that. 
Yes I think I did rather well ;-).


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