these RTL or what?

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> From: bfranchuk at> ---snip---> > That is why I said floppy controler chips. A board of TTL vs 1 chip> on uprocesser. BTW what computer uses 20 bit words?> > Dwight> Ben.> 
 OK, the controller chips were mostly based on one of the
IBM formats that was specified as 8 bit. 
 There are some pictures of a Nicolet 1080 at:
This one is Sellam's. His is a complete NMR instrument.
I only have the CPU and floppy disk drive. His didn't have the
floppy but had a hard disk instead.
 These machine were designed to do FFT's for signal processing.
One of the instructions would reverse the order of the bits
as is needed for FFT's.
 These had a nice BASIC with matrix operators as well.
 I know of only four 1080 left inthe world. I know of one in
England and three, here, in California.
 The one I have and the one in England are floppy system.
The other one that isn't Sellam's that belongs to Bob Rosebloom
does have any mass storage. The systems were designed to
run from punch tape as a base systems.
 I can't imagine loading the BASIC from tape and then loading
the appliction program on top. It was they way they did things
 I'm always looking for others with these machines.
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