SGI Onyx Power Boards & System Controller

JP Hindin jplist2007 at
Mon Oct 8 14:22:06 CDT 2007

Greetings all;

I picked up an SGI Onyx 10000 RE2 rack ("Terminator") last week from
surplus and, unfortunately, it appears I'm in the same boat as J Blaser -
Boeing used this machine as 'parts' for another.

I'm missing the Power Boards (I believe I need three) and the System
Controller. Also someone removed the Graphics and Main I/O panels...
violently, apparently, as the cable that goes from the DG2 (Display
Generator) to the breakout has part of the breakout PCB still attached to
the cable!

I see a main I/O panel on eBay right now relatively inexpensively, as well
as the graphics panel - but the Graphics I/O Panel is for an
InfiniteReality, not a RealityEngine2, and is no good to me, alas.

Many thanks to all;

JP Hindin

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