Mains safety, was: Setting up a VAXstation

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Mon Oct 8 23:05:33 CDT 2007

> From: rollerton at
> A wiggie vibrates when you have a hot circuit, you dont have to look at it
> to know its hot
> i love my wiggie.

 I've made a simple probe from a coule resistors and a neon light.
I use two 510K's in series then the neon. The other lead of the
neon is just a wire wrapped around things. I put it into the plastic
part of an old ballpoint pen. 
 I use the point from an old scribe. With this I can even puncture
wire insulation easily.
 The entire thing is sealed with hot glue.
 The idea is that there isn't enough current to harm one if
your connected to ground but enough current if your on
insulated shoes to still see the lamp light a little.
 You don't need to connect two leads. Any hot wire will
light the lamp some and that is all one needs.
 The bad part is that it works poorly in bright light.

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