PDP-11 graphics products

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 9 16:26:30 CDT 2007

> At 1:02 PM -0600 10/9/07, Richard wrote:
> >Does anyone have a comprehensive list of graphics products (UNIBUS or
> >Q-BUS) for the PDP-11 family of minicomputers?
> >
> >Please don't list terminals with graphics capability, that's not what
> >I'm after.
> I'm not aware of such a list, I believe there are only about 3-6 
> "video cards".  I've a 3rd party card that was used in a Cameca 

There were rather more than that, and most of them were racks of 
electronics that happened to have a Unibus/Qbus interface on the end. 
Often there were interfaces abailable for other minis too.

Ones I know about (I have some of these) 

DEC VT11 (Unibus interface, vector display)

Ramtek Marguis 9460 (Rack of boards witha Z80 or 68K to control them. 
Colour raster display, Unibus or Qbus interfaces)

Grinnel PDP11 framstore (linked to a DR11-B, possibly no Q-bus version)

PPL Video Disk (A special hard disk that stored video as an FM signal, 
one frape per track. COlour output, rack of boards to control it. Linked 
to a DR11-B again)

I2S Model 70 and Model 75 Image processors. Large cabinets of boards. 
Interfaces avaialvbe to Unibus, HP2100, etc. There was also the GPIT, 
which linked it to a DR(V)11-W

Does the AMT DAP count :-) An SIMD machine with a graphics output that 
links to a DR11-W


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