SGI Onyx - Three Phase to Two Phase conversion

Dave McGuire mcguire at
Wed Oct 10 13:33:09 CDT 2007

On Oct 10, 2007, at 1:41 PM, William Donzelli wrote:
>> My point is that if you listened to every dire warning on this list,
>> you'd never plug anything in and use it.
>> Warnings about this and that are tossed out regularly on this list,
>> along with the immediate counter-opinion that those warnings are
>> exaggerations that you needn't concern yourself with.
> You are getting dangerously close to one of the great revelations of
> collecting life:
>         Most collectors do not do anything with their collections.
> Nearly all of us are on this constant drive to get new items, chase
> them down, acquire them - then put them in the pile. 5 percent of the
> pile gets used and played with 95 percent of the time. The dire
> warnings are mostly as solid as a souffle.
> Cue the usual suspects to rebut.

   I'll take that cue.  I regularly use the PDP-8/m that lives on my  
desk, as well as my Kaypro 10 (though its hard drive died last week,  
sob).  I don't use much of my other stuff lately due to thermal  
restrictions, but that's easing off now.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL
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