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>The RD52 has RXS11 and boots. 
Perhaps a matching fur hat and pink handbag to go with the boots!!

Rod Smallwood

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At 1:50 PM -0400 10/9/07, Allison wrote:
>I just decided to attack a micro-11 system I had not attendded to.
>Good news is it's pristine and complete:
>  BA23, 11/23BH, 512k (M8057), DEQNA, RQDX2(late firmware).
>The RD52 has RXS11 and boots.

What version?

>It's been a long time since I used RSX and longer since I've 
>administered it.  So some procedures for doing things I need to know or

>a pointer to.
>TO shut down I do?


from a privileged account.

LB:[1,2]SHUTUP.CMD can be edited to include local shutdown tasks.  It is
invoked as part of $SHUTUP.TSK.

>TO change admin password how, and which account again?

If this is a version of RSX that has DCL installed, use SET PASSWORD.



>If I add a 8line mux  (DHV or DZV) what the procedure to get system to 
>install and recognise it.

Either VMR or @[200,200]SYSGEN; no longer remember under what
circumstances you could "just" VMR.

>On line DOCs to refresh memory from?

I've assembled some of mine, Al's, and others at



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