Indigo 2 - no video.

Mike Shields shieldsm at
Thu Oct 11 13:09:00 CDT 2007

It's often helpful to hook up a serial console - all SGI's that I've revived
(including Purple, but not Teal I2's) have worked without a graphics card,
with a 9600 n81 serial console hooked up. It should go into a PROM console
on the serial port, even with no drives or graphics card, at which point
you'll be able to at least do some diagnostics.



On 10/11/07, Edward Tomasz Napierala <trasz at> wrote:
> I just got a "teal" SGI Indigo 2.  Problem is, I get no graphics output.
> When I turn it on, the LEDs on keyboard flash once, the LED on the I2
> turns
> on, after two seconds turns off, then turns on again and stays turned on.
> I hear the boot tune.  Monitor is SGI 20E21, connected via 13W3 cable,
> but it gets no signal (or at least no sync) from the machine.
> Manual says something about "dissonant piano chord" - how is it supposed
> to sound like?  One thing I've verified that without graphics card
> the chord sounds the same.
> NumLock LED on the keyboard does not light when i press that key.
> Is there some way to reset the NVRAM or something like this?
> Note that there are no SCSI disks installed - the bays are empty.
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