That poor system/36

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Sun Oct 14 12:02:29 CDT 2007

> ES/9000 boxes were showing at least once a month or so on eBay, about 4
> years ago.  I ended up picking one up two years ago, because it was
> cheap ($9.99, and I was the only one bidding on it) and came with a
> 9343 disk box, and 3174-11L.  I believe it's a 9221-191, which is an
> amazingly small CPU - just a 10 or 12U rackmount box.  I think I've got
> all the software necessary to rebuild the HMC, but alas, didn't get an
> HMC with it.

Key words - "4 years ago".

Unlike most mini and microcomputers, the mainframe things tend to get
slaughtered off about ten years after introduction. S/390s are getting
slaughtered now - note the dip in the number that are showing up on

The slaughters tend to pretty bloody, with few survivors.

I should have purchased that somewhat expensive 9121 that showed up
regularly. Anyone know what happened to that? It was being sold by a
surplus guy, I think near Virginia Beach (not Tony S.). I have tried
to track the guy down, but have gone nowhere.


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