That poor system/36

john ball ballsandy at
Sun Oct 14 20:47:34 CDT 2007

>Unlike most mini and microcomputers, the mainframe things tend to get
>slaughtered off about ten years after introduction.

Which is why I feel pity for that system/36.
I talked to the guy and while he never mentioned that he will eventually give up and scrap it
I have a feeling that after a few years with no bites he might re-think scrapping it.
It's currently in a cold storage locker and all that's needed is for someone to contact him and
come with a cube van that you must supply. I think he also tole me that they will even help you load it
all up and wave you goodbye. :)
Okay, how about I cut down to the point:
-I'm 17 and have a wicked case of OCD
-I like old electronics
-I use a 5 1/4" floppy drive on a normal basis
-I like things that have blinkenlites and make cool whirring noises
-I have passed notes written in hex to a friend in class ("what are you doing at lunch?")

Just owning a computer like this would complete my childhood.
Yes, I am a very strange person indeed. :P

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