I've gone too far

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at e-secure.com.br
Tue Oct 16 06:13:38 CDT 2007

>> How cool can the cooling system get?
> An old friend who worked on SAGE said the operators used to store
> their lunches inside the machine. Mmmm, toasty...


    Some years ago, I had a serious infeccion on my testicles. I had to be 
hospitalized and stayed more than a week on antibiotics. Since the hospital 
food was nice for a dog, I asked a friend to bring me a mcdonalds sandwich 
and some coke. When he arrived, he brought the sandwich in the same pack as 
the coke, and the sandwich was cold as alaska! "Hmmm..." I though. Since I 
was in the parking lot with him, I asked him to open the hood of his car. 
Put the sandwich between the tubes of the exaust manifold and asked him to 
rev up the motor. In 30 seconds the sandwich was "eatable" :o)

    Mmmmm, toasty! :oD


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