VAXen at home

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Oct 16 12:58:01 CDT 2007

> Yes.  There were two system packages - the older 11/730-Z box
> (10.5"-tall rackmount box in the middle of a 42" rack, with room for
> an RB80 below, and an RL02 above), and a newer BA-11-style package

I've always known it as an 'R80' drive. It's got a somewhat SMD-like 
interfacee, but different enough to give SMD hackers headaches. I am told 
that the RM80 is the same drive with an external Massbus interface unit.

My 11/730 came in that type of cabinet, and was a standard DEC 
configuration. Intead of the RL02 (which, BTW, was linked to the 
Integrated Drive Controller, there's no sepratate RL11 card in the 
machine), there's an TSU05 front-loading 1/2" magtape. A rebadged Cipher 
F880 IIRC.  That does link to a separate controller card in a normal 
Unibus slot. 
> You can put 3rd party controllers, like SMD or SCSI in either the
> 11/730 or 11/725, or you can hang an external BA-11 off of one and do
> what you like (though the 11/730-Z makes it easy to route the BA-11
> cable, and the 11/725 does not).

There was an official DEC way to put a Unibus expansion cabinet on the
11/730. A board that went in the Unibus Out slot on the CPU backplane, 3
ribbon cables to a paenl on the bulkhead, then a screened ribbon cable
with 3 connectors on each end to a similar panel on the rack containing
the expanison box, more ribbon cables to a PCB in the Unibus In slot of 
the backplane i nthe expansion box. I have this in my 11/730.


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