Amdahl Mainframe - The great trip

Gordon JC Pearce gpearce at
Wed Oct 17 03:14:54 CDT 2007

On Wednesday 17 October 2007 01:06:56 Robert Borsuk wrote:
> It's a beauty.  My car survived.  Though I don't think I'll be doing
> any major towing with it anymore.  It just doesn't have that umph
> anymore.  I'm also going to go with a heavier weight oil until I can
> rebuild the engine.  It just turned 150k miles on the trip.

Looks like a fun trip though.  I'm surprised you had problems towing it home 
with your Disco - which engine does it have?  We regularly pull two or three 
tonnes with my friend's gas-converted 4.6 V8, but I'd expect the diesel to 
handle it better if a little slowly.

I shifted roughly 700kg of VAX stuff in my Citroën CX saloon a couple of years 
ago.  There wasn't a lot of room for me to sit and drive it.  I think most of 
the weight was between the Fujitsu Eagles and the grey wall.


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