FPUs for small computers (Was: What to download for a PDP-8)

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 17 20:38:51 CDT 2007

dwight elvey wrote (in response to a response to a message I posted):
>  I have a S100 board made by N* that is a math board but it
> doesn't have a FPU. It has a 2901 and some ROM chips.
>  It only has the one 2901.
> Dwight

That is the same board that I was talking that kicked off this 
mini-thread.  However, reading back, I wrote it a funny way:

> Northstar (of Northstar Horizon fame) sold an S-100 card that had
> a TTL FPU on it.  It was a microcoded affair (256 words of 40 bits) ...

I meant to say the board implemented a FPU in TTL, not that there was a 
monolithic TTL FPU chip of some kind.

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