4004 and IC history / was Re: Vintage computer photogallery

Holger Veit holger.veit at iais.fraunhofer.de
Wed Oct 17 13:22:57 CDT 2007

Roy J. Tellason said:
> On Saturday 13 October 2007 19:50, William Donzelli wrote:
>>  > And what's funny is that there now seems to be some stuff out there
>>  > that's offering as simple as single gates in a small surface-mount
>>  > package.
>> 20? years ago, TI offered a few 74xx series parts in 8 pin DIPs - dual
>> gates and such. They bombed.
> I've never heard of these nor seen any reference to them.  How did they
> number
> those parts?  Sounds like it might make a worthwhile addition to the parts
> pages...

I think I have seen such parts in one of the older TI pocket guides,
namely 50/60 dividers for use in clocks as Tony Duell mentioned. But these
IIRC didn't belong to the SN74 series but rather to the almost unknown
SN49 series. Difficult to find datasheets...



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