VAXen at home - 3ph source/MG set?

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Fri Oct 19 19:01:42 CDT 2007

> You know, it's ironic this topic has come up, as I'm currently working 
> on
> converting my 3ph SGI Onyx to single phase and had looked into static 
> and
> rotary phase convertors. Having never had any reason to look at one 
> before
> I started anew - and decided quickly that they did not appear to be 
> safe
> for computer use.

Disclaimer- I have no 3-phase equipment, nor any 240V-required 
computers so take this with the contempt it deserves.

For the PSUs (for given machine X that does not have 3-phase motors for 
blowers or drives, or another thing that requires the rotating field of 
3-phase), aren't they composed of (roughly) 3 standalone PSUs that 
convert the incoming power to a DC-source feeding the rails? Therefore, 
(and especially if it is wired phase -> neutral rather than 
cross-phase), provided the voltage supplied by a single-circuit would 
be within the range of acceptable input voltages for the PSU, couldn't 
they be driven by 1 split 240V circuit (driving 2 at 120V 
hot-to-neutral) and a third 120V line feeding the third PSU?

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