Tandy Logix-Kosmos (was: Re: Ferranti Logical Computor (1951) )

Mark Tapley mtapley at swri.edu
Sun Oct 21 14:14:01 CDT 2007

At 15:42 -0500 10/16/07, Brent wrote:
>Also reminds me of the Kosmos (from Germany) "computer"/(switching)-logic
>trainer from the late-60s/early-70s I received as a kid. I think Radio Shack
>marketed it over here for a while, later in the 70s.

	...and you have just reminded me of the name (see subject). I 
had one too. <google> ... ah. 

	Power supply, 10 bulbs across the top, 10 slides, each slide 
opened or closed 5 sets of contacts (functioning as a 5PDT switch), 
and a pushbutton. Each contact had 3 holes, as did the power supply 
and the lights. By placing jumper wires, you enabled "gates" to 
create the logic. You'd slide the slides to generate the input, then 
press the pushbutton to provide current. The lights would illuminate 
to generate the output. There were paper fold-ups to place inside the 
light housing so that the output could be pictographic, and to slide 
into a holder to label the slides.

	It's more or less the next step up from the "Digi-Comp" (3 
bits -> 10 bits), except that it can't affect its own state. But you 
could implement "feedback" manually, by sliding slides when the bulb 
above them was illuminated.

	I quite clearly remember watching the Star Trek episode where 
Spock determines that the Enterprise's computer has been tampered 
with by beating it at chess, and thinking it'd take some pretty hot 
wiring to get the Logix-Cosmos to play chess, so I'd better get 
started. I never did figure out how to make the overlays work...

	Mine died of corrosion on the contacts, and was (regrettably) 
trashed, I'm pretty sure.
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