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Rumor has it that William Donzelli may have mentioned these words:
>Lots of new IBM things today, but all basically PC related.
>Does anyone here have a 5182 Color Printer? This was one of the
>goodies today, from an ex-IBM salesman that was finally clearing out
>the closet. He said it was a very unsuccessful product from the XT/AT
>era, and may have never been for sale to the public. He said they were
>probably internal use only.
>The 5182 is a dot matrix printer with a four color ribbon. Kludge on a stick.

I can't verify that it was an actual "5182" but I did work with an IBM 
branded 9-pin DM color printer (4 color bands, yellow, blue, red & black) 
built like a tank (like everything from IBM of that era) on an IBM AT (512K 
RAM, 20G HD) back when I was 17.... so this was 23 years ago... in the 
dinky town of Sault Ste. Marie. So if we had one here, chances are IBM made 
more than one!

AFAIK, the company I worked for _never_ used the color aspect of the 
computer, so 3/4 of the nice expensive ribbon got wasted.

A quick google search shows that the 5182 was commercially available, if 
not 'viable': ;-)

Which brings another ontopic response: Wholly Crap! Computer Reset is still 
in business? I remember when they sold peripherals for Tandy model 100s & 
advertised in "Deforestation Monthly." ;-) The web page lists 'em for sale 
for $99... but at the bottom of the page, I see this: Sale list Date 3/13/2004

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