Indy or Indigo reasonable to use? [Was: SGI workstation sequence]

Austin Pass austin at
Tue Oct 23 12:48:44 CDT 2007

On 23/10/07 18:23, "Richard" <legalize at> wrote:

> I suppose that depends on where you are; they get bid up on dovebid
> and on ebay.

I'd be astonished if being UK-based put me at an advantage in the classic
collecting stakes!  Whereabouts are you?

For example, there's a really basic Octane for £35 buy-it-now on

I obtained mine through comp.sys.sgi.marketplace - it's a super-low volume
group but items are available through there every once in a while.  Likewise has many items passing through their "For Sale" forum, of which
at least 80% are US-based.  That said, I'm aware that the US is *slightly*
larger than blighty ;-), and SGI build-quality definitely works against them
when one is seeking cheap postage.  I made a weekend trip of collecting
Octanes and a Crimson, although having a van at my disposal makes the task
simpler too.

An Octane is well worth the extra couple of dollars though IMHO.  A
daily-use classic capable of modern tasks is a joy - plus mine looks ace on
the desk at work next to my MacPro!


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